Residential Spaces

There are few shared dreams in the world today: happiness, meaningful work, and a place to call home are a few that we can think of.

On-site Research

When it comes to research, there are few substitutes for first-hand observations.


An on-going project to design walking aids which increase mobility and which look and feel like beautiful objects.


Skip the roses, go right for the thorns.


This baby incubator aims to take advantage of a local resource in developing countries: Toyota truck parts and the knowledge of auto mechanics.

Seven-Day Pill Cassette

Unlike its disposable predecessor, this pillbox is something to hold onto, an object to cherish over time.

Just a Nice Box

Give real gifts.


Our background includes traditional wooden boatbuilding and high-end production cabinetmaking. We make furniture that lasts.


A current take on a low-tech classic, this chamberstick gets back to basics.

Inside the Blue

Interactive coral designed for Intel