Tom Weis (from Emily’s perspective)
Prior to co-founding Hello. We are _____. in 2008, Tom Weis wondered how to connect the pieces from his past experiences: boat builder, furniture maker, sculptor, and below average third baseman on a co-ed softball team. In 2006 he returned to graduate school at RISD for Industrial Design with the goal of bringing well-made, meaningful design to a wide audience: what do we really need and can it be beautiful too?

After graduating Tom returned to Maine for the excellent community, shrimp shares, and ocean front woodshops. He works on projects big and small and teaches design on the high school, college, and graduate level in Camden Maine and at RISD. On a typical day Tom gets up (too) early, grabs coffee, takes Clover the dog to the beach, and gets to work. His days are filled with construction sites, teaching, lobster boats, ice fishing, Skyping yours truly, and somehow there’s still time to roast a duck or make dumplings from scratch while hosting the entire town of Rockland for dinner.

Tom can make anything. Yes, anything. Go ahead, challenge him. And he’s as good at working with his hands as he is at solving a problem. He understands how things are made, how they work, and has the ability – and interest – to calmly, coolly, walk people through a solution: Tom is a designer and educator through and through. Tom is a source of inspiration, information, and humor and has a great hunger for investigating and learning. His wide spanning interests and curiosity about and commitment to people offers a valuable perspective on design.