EMILY ROTHSCHILD (as told by Tom)
In 2006 Emily Rothschild went to grad school at the Rhode Island School of Design. At the time part of her wondered, “Why am I doing this?” Turns out getting her Masters in Industrial Design was the perfect way to combine her past experiences as an artist, a curator and one hell of a squash player (although sadly she will never be able to defeat her design partner at badminton). While at RISD Emily met this super amazing guy named Tom Weis and upon graduating in 2008 they co-founded Hello. We are _____.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Emily is a master at balancing many complex things at once. Whether it is the design and manufacturing of her independent line of jewelry and objects, working with Hello. We are_____. on a new project, training for a marathon, or walking her two dogs with her baby boy strapped to her back, Emily takes everything on with thoughtfulness, rigor and a keen eye for detail. These characteristics rarely exist within one person, let alone a designer.

There is a long list of skills, experiences, and awards that could follow Emily’s name (just google her!). What it all comes down to is her crazy passion for making meaningful objects, unique experiences, and her fearless approach to new challenges.